Yeah, I’m a goofball! Read all about me!

I am a happy, I’m friendly, loyal and deeply devoted dog, although sometimes I’m just stubborn enough to remind you im a terrier. Gimme a break though, I’m pretty mellow compared to other terriers running around!
I’m somewhat Active, I like to run and play, I’m exuberant and fun-loving. For the record, I’m not as scrappy as the “typical” terrier. Happy Wheatens jump (the Wheaten Greeting!), I’m happy a lot, so I need to be reminded regularly that not everyone likes that…
I’m good with Children if they’re good to me. I do better with Supervision when I’m around really young kids, like under seven, because I don’t appreciate unkind kids, so don’t let your kids be mean to me and we won’t have any problems. I’m a good family dog and will be very loyal to my people.
I like other dogs and I’ll be nice if they are nice, supervision is best because I don’t trust them, it’s not me that’s naughty!
Best thing about me is that I don’t shed! Yeah baby! That means there won’t be hair sticking to all your clothes when you go in public! I do appreciate a good grooming a couple times a week, it’ll be fun though, I’m really soft. My hair grows like yours, how long would you like to go without having your hair combed!? I mean, don’t over do it, but a bath and a haircut will be necessary about once a month.
So, about that training thing… I’m eager to make you happy, but it’d be good for the both of us if when you are training me that you are consistent, calm and assertive. If you aren’t, good chance I’m going to ignore you…. Here’s a tip, I’ll do anything for a treat! I love treats! So, basically, I want to make you happy, and I’m not above being bribed!
So, if you are wondering if I’ll be big or small when grown, I’ll be honest, I’ll be on the smaller end of a medium sized dog. If I’m a male, I’ll be around 18-19 inches tall and weigh 35-40pounds. If I’m a female, I’ll be around 17-18 inches tall (depending on my heels that day) and weigh between 30-35 pounds….(depending on which dress I need to fit into next month)
If you decide to share your life with me, expect me to to be your pal for 12 to 14 years, the variance will be in how well I’m taken care of, and maybe a little of my genetics… You know, kinda like you humans!
One last thing, I’m not a big barker… I will bark if I need to, like if the boogie man is headed our way, or something just doesn’t “feel” or “look” right. So pretty much you can count on me to bark when it’s necessary. I don’t normally bark just to hear myself bark…Not mentioning any names, let’s just say, like some relatives of mine.
So to sum it up, you pick me, be good to me and give me the things I need to be happy, I’ll do the same for you, and we will have a beautiful relationship.