About my humans

Those humans of ours, they have have been raising us Soft Coated Wheaten Terriers for over 10 years now.
They decided to get one of us when their youngest daughter contracted Guillian-Barre Syndrome. For those of you that don’t know what that is, it’s when the immune system attacks the nervous system and tries to destroy it. It causes weakness and then paralysis to the their arms and legs. Well, she had it and was in the hospital for two weeks being treated…… Guess what!? The hospital had a service dog… guess what again!? ┬áIt was one of us, a Wheaten Terrier! That little humans parents were hooked from then on and that’s how we came to live with them… Seems like I got off track, back to us dogs!
All of the puppies they raise are very well socialized, they have 9 grandkids that play with us and with our puppies from literally day one! All of us moms and dads love the Littles…Thats what the humans call their herd of grandkids~ We don’t mind them playing and loving on our babies, because they have been taught how to handle and be nice to our littles, and in turn we are nice to them. Seems fair. Us moms let the human littles climb into our box with us and ever so carefully examine each one of our littles after they’re born. The human littles have witnessed the births of several of our litters. Their grandma loves sharing the miracle of a new life with them, rather it’s the life of a puppy, a calf or a horse, she tells them they are all all miracles straight from heaven! We are. Just saying.
When our littles get older, they get to (lucky them) ride around on the tricycles, they get to play in the dirt, they go for rides on the Polaris, they get dressed up in doll clothes, have tea parties, they even try and teach them how to cook in the playhouse….. Us dogs, we don’t cook, but they try and teach us! Mud pies are a specialty, all littles, dogs or human, love to play with the water and in the mud.
We like it when the human littles take ours out to play, because after 4 weeks, we are sick and tired of them so we are happy when the humans come knocking at our door wanting our kids to come out and play!
Pretty much, it’s safe to say that when they are returned to us they are loved almost to death, lol, and that makes them sleep really good at night!
Every day, those little humans come over to see and play with our littles, our littles go a running when they hear them, we love the human littles because they love us and are kind to us.
So, we live out here in the middle of nowhere on a cattle ranch here in Southeast Arizona. Every day we see trucks, trailers, cowboys, cattle, horses, and….cow dogs.
When I grow up, I want to be a cow dog, but the humans seem to think we aren’t cut out for that. Every now and again we get to chase the cows… let me assure you, we are not cow dogs!